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Greetings from the High Line,

We’re thrilled to release a new exclusive edition by Stefan Hengst titled More to come | 04.08.10. Taken by Stefan in the summer of 2010, a year after the first section of the High Line opened to the public, the shot focuses on what yet has to be built, the second section stretching all the way to the 30s.

Ironically titling his work “more to come,” Stefan provides an opportunity for the viewer to decide whether more to come, i.e.: more of the high line, will actually be good or bad for New Yorkers.

When we worked on this edition with Stefan earlier this year, little did we know that the New York blogger Jeremiah Moss was about to write a controversial op-ed in the NY Times about the gentrification of the High Line. Going as far as dubbing the site “Disney World on the Hudson,” Jeremiah’s positions provoked heated reactions on social news sites like Reddit, much of the comments sadly attempting to simply shut down the writer’s point of view.  

Through their art work and their writing, both Stefan and Jeremiah point to the need for debate on the impact of the High Line on our shared experience of the city, and Kelly Chan from ArtInfo does a wonderful job summarizing what is really at stake here.

We invite you to consider, and more importantly, walk the High Line to judge for yourself.


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